Latihan Soal Narrative Text Kelas IX SMP

Latihan Soal Narrative Text Kelas IX SMP

Latihan Soal Narrative Text Kelas IX SMP

Kembali berjumpa lagi dengan kami Website edukasi, dalam kesempatan ini kita akan belajar Soal Narrative Text Kelas IX jenjang SMP. Latihan soal ini berupa pilihan ganda / multiple choice dan telah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawaban untuk memudahkan dalam pengerjaannya.

Berikut dibawah ini adalah Latihan Soal Narrative Text Kelas IX SMP

1. The Wolf and The Goat
A wolf saw a goat grazing at the edge of a high cliff. The wolf smacked his lips at the thought of a fine goat dinner.
“My dear friend,” said the wolf in his sweetest voice, “aren’t you afraid you will fall down from that cliff? Come down here and graze on this fine grass beside me on safe, level ground.”
“No, thank you,” said the goat.
“Well then,” said the wolf, “aren’t you cold up there in the wind? You would be warmer grazing down here beside me in this sheltered area.”
“No, Thank you,” said the goat.
“But the grass tastes better down here!” said the exasperated wolf,”Why dine alone?”
“My dear wolf,” the goat finally said, “are you quite sure that it is My dinner you are worrying about and not your own?”
What did the wolf ask when he saw the goat grazing at the edge of a high cliff?
A. To be his friend
B. To graze on the level ground
C. To climb up higher
D. To be his dinner
2. “Aren’t you cold up there in the wind?”
The word ‘there’ refers to ….
A. A high cliff
B. Sheltered area
C. Grass
D. Ground
3. What can we learn from the story above?
A. Don’t look down to other creatures
B. Don’t easily believe in well behaved creatures
C. Don’t judge others by their appearance
D. Don’t easily beat other creatures
4. From the story we know ….
A. The goat was very hungry
B. The wolf was a helpful animal
C. The wolf was eager to eat the goat
D. The wolf was going to fight with the wolf
5. One day a man stopped at a flower shop to order some flowers. He wanted to send it to his mother who lived far in another town through a delivery company. Meanwhile he was looking at sad young girl who was sitting in front of the flower shop. He asked her what was wrong and she replied, “I wanted to buy a red rose for my mother but my money is not enough”. The man smiled and said, “Come on in with me I’ll buy you a rose.” He bought the little girl a rose and he ordered for his own mother flowers too.
After buying a rose flower for the girl the man offered the girl a ride to her home. She said” yes please! You can take me to my mother. She directed him to a cemetery. The girl placed the rose on her mother’s fresh grave. Knowing the girl’s mother had died the man realized that he must show his love to his mother while she was still alive. Then the man returned to the flower shop. He cancelled the flower delivery order picked up the rose flower and drove to reach his mother’s house.
We can learn that we have to ….
A. Show our loves to our mother
B. Buy flowers for our mothers
C. Keep our mother alive
D. Obey to our mother
6. What did the man do after buying the girl a red rose?
A. He gave her a ride to her home
B. He took the girl to her mother’s cemetery
C. He went to his own home
D. He placed the rose on his mother’s grave
7. The main idea of the first paragraph is …
A. A sad girl was thinking of her mother
B. A man helped a girl by buying her a flower
C. A girl needed a man to deliver her a flower
D. A man bought a flower for a girl
8. A Milkmaid had been in the meadow to milk her cows. Now she was returning home with a pail of milk on her hand.
She thought, “I will make cream and butter out of this milk. Then after selling them, I will buy eggs. And when they hatch, I shall have a good poultry farm”.
She further thought, “I shall sell some of my chickens and buy a fine dress. Seeing it on my body at the party, all the boys will admire me. But I will turn them away”.
She went on day dreaming; she forgot about the pail on her head. She moved her head suddenly and the pail of milk came tumbling down. It was broken and all the milk split.
“Dear, 0 dear!” she cried, “I have lost mine all”.
What did the milk-maid carry on her hand?
A. Some cream
B. Some butter
C. A pail of milk
D. A pail of eggs
9. What does the text tell us about?
A. Spilt milk
B. A pail of milk
C. A hardworking girl
D. A day dreaming milk-maid

10. What can we learn from the story above?
A. Don’t cry over the split milk
B. Don’t cry before you are hurt
C. Don’t dream when you sleep
D. Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched

11. An ant nimbly running in search of food came across a chrysalis that was close its time to change. The chrysalis moved and this attracted the attention of the ant who for the first time realized that it was a living thing. “Poor, pitiable animal!”, cried the ant disdainfully “what a sad fate is yours! While I can run with my pleasure, you lie imprisoned here in your shell”. The chrysalis heard all this, but did not try to make any reply.
After a few days, when the ant passed that way again, nothing but the shell remained. Wondering what had happened to its content, he felt himself suddenly shaded and fanned by the gorgeous wings of a beautiful butterfly. “Behold in me,” said the butterfly, “your much pitied friend!”. So the butterfly rose in the air and lost in the summer breeze.
What happened to the chrysalis after few days?
A. The chrysalis had gone from the shell
B. The chrysalis had become a butterfly
C. The ant felt sad about chrysalis death
D. The ant felt happy for the butterfly
12. What is the main idea of the first paragraph?
A. Chrysalis is a animal
B. The chrysalis lie imprisoned
C. The ant was feeling sorry for the chrysalis
D. The ant goes around to have fun
13. The text generally tells us about ….
A. The adventure of an ant
B. The ant and the chrysalis
C. The changing of the chrysalis
D. The regret of the ant
14. From the text we can learn that ….
A. We have to be arrogant to others
B. Freedom is everything in life
C. We have to take revenge
D. The appearance may be deceptive

15. Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Java that was attacked by another kingdom. The king asked his Queen to save her life. Alas! In the middle of the jungle, the enemy killed all her guards. However, the Queen was lucky because she changed herself into a golden snail and survived.
One day, an old woman saw the snail and took it home. She looked after it. Whenever the old woman was not at home, the snail turned into a human being. She cooked and did the household chores. When the old woman got home, the Queen quickly changed into a snail again. It happened several times and made the old woman curious. One day, the old woman peeped and saw what was going on. She broke in, immediately. She asked, “Why did you change yourself into a snail?”. The Queen told her what happened. The old woman was surprised to know that the snail was a Queen.
Later, from the head of the village they discovered that the king had won the battle and he was looking for his wife. Then the village head sent a message to the king telling him that his wife was safe.
Several days later, the King and his guards came for the queen. They thanked the villagers for their kindness and brought the old women to their palace.
What happened when the old woman found the snail?
A. She reported it to the head of the village
B. She helped it to find the queen’s husband
C. It helped cleaning and cooking in her house
D. She brought it to her house and took care of it

16. What does the second paragraph tell you about?
A. The queen lived as a golden snail
B. The enemy who attacked the kingdom
C. The old woman who looked after a snail
D. The king’s guards who were killed by enemy
17. In the end of the story, the old woman live in ….
A. The king’s palace
B. A small village
C. The village heads
D. The middle of the jungle
18. A man and his son were going to the market. While they were walking, a country man passed and said, “You fool, what a donkey for but to ride upon?”
So the man put the boy on the donkey. But soon, some passersby said, “See that lazy, young steer. He lets his father walk while he rides.”
So the man ordered his boy to get off and got on himself, but the passerby said, “Shame on… that lazy old man, he lets his poor son walk, while he rides.”
The man did not know what to do. Last, he took his boy on the donkey. Then the passerby said, “Aren’t you ashamed of yourself for overloading the poor donkey?”
The man and the boy got off. They cut down a pole, tied the donkey’s feet to it and raised the pole to their shoulders. They arrived to a bridge when the donkey, getting one of its feet loose, kick all out and caused the boy to drop his end of the pole. In the struggle, the donkey fell over the bridge and then it was drowned.
Why did the boy get off from the donkey?
A. The passerby needed him
B. His father asked him to do that
C. The donkey was tired carrying him
D. The boy wanted to be with the donkey
19. “… tied the donkey’s feet to it ….” (last paragraph).
The underlined word refers to ….
A. The market
B. The donkey
C. The pole
D. The river
20. What is the main idea of the last paragraph?
A. The man and his son took a rest near the bridge
B. The man and his donkey arrived at the market
C. The man’s behavior made the donkey alive
D. The donkey was carried by its owners
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