Latihan Soal Past Tense dan Present Perfect Tense Kelas X SMA

Latihan Soal Past Tense dan Present Perfect Tense Kelas X SMA

Latihan Soal Past Tense dan Present Perfect Tense Kelas X SMA

 Jumpa lagi bersama Website edukasi, kali ini kita akan belajar tentang Soal Past Tense dan Present Perfect Tense untuk Kelas X jenjang SMA. Soal Latihan ini berjumlah 100 butir soal pilihan ganda dengan kunci jawabannya sehingga dapat anda jadikan pedoman latihan materi Past Tense dan Present Perfect Tense.

Beikut ini adalah Latihan Soal Past Tense dan Present Perfect Tense

1. I and my friends … in the library. We read some books
A. is
B. are
C. have
D. were

2. The baby …………. for three hours.
A. has sleeping
B. has slept
C. has sleep
D. has been slept

3. ………. You and Ahmed at the library last night?
A. were
B. did
C. are
D. is

4. X: Where did you buy your new book last night?
    Y: ……….
A. I sold it in Gramedia.
B. I borrowed it from my friend.
C. I bought it in Fajar Agung.
D. I took it in Ramayana.

5. Carmen and I ……… the lunch yet. So, we are very hungry now.
A. haven’t eat
B. haven’t eating
C. have eaten
D. haven’t eaten

6. X: Why didn’t you answer my phone last night?
    Y: Sorry, I ………. out to meet my lecturer, and I left my mobile phone at home.
A. go
B. am going
C. went
D. have gone

7. Sam ………. a very terrible accident on the avenue yesterday.
A. to see
B. saw
C. is seen
D. being saw

8. What did you do two hours ago? ……….
A. I watched TV
B. I will study English
C. I am reading book
D. I have breakfast

9. My uncle ………. me a modern laptop last new year.
A. bought
B. was bought
C. have bought
D. to bought

10. Desi, Mitha, and Nina ………. here for ten years.
A. been
B. being have
C. have been
D. be have been

11. Ms. Jenifer ………. a lot of novels since she was a teenager.
A. has being read
B. has read
C. has been read
D. has readed

12. They … in football field.
A. is
B. was
C. were
D. does

13. She …. sad last night
A. were
B. was
C. is
D. do

14. I … his car last night.
A. drive
B. am
C. drove
D. driving

15. He … not come to my party yesterday.
A. has
B. does
C. having
D. did

16. The baby …………. for three hours.
A. has sleeping
B. has sleep
C. has slept
D. has been slept

17. Yesterday, Harris …………. time for lunch. He was busy.
A. wasn’t have
B. haven’t
C. didn’t have
D. hadn’t

18. … this text several times but I still confused.
A. have read
B. read
C. have been reading
D. was reading

19. Angie: I wonder why Miss Dian … yet.
Novita: I do too. As I know, she is always on time.
A. won’t come
B. hasn’t come
C. isn’t come
D. didn’t come

20. Our teacher never… England.
A. visits
B. visited
C. has visited
D. had visited

21. Pedro … an accident when they had been in Italy.
A. gets
B. got
C. has got
D. had got

22. Susie: Can Jack speak English?
Tom: Maybe, he… the English course ten two years.
A. is joining
B. has joined
C. will join
D. joins

23. What are you looking for?’, ‘My wallet; I don’t know where I … it.’
A. have put
B. have been putting
C. had put
D. was putting

24. Ronald moved to this town last year.
We can say that he … in this town for a year.
A. was living
B. lives
C. has lived
D. lived

25. Miss Rina… English Languange since 1989.
A. Have taught
B. was teach
C. is going to teach
D. has taught

26. “How long has he been the principal of our school?”
“Since I…this school.”
A. was entering
B. had entered
C. have entered
D. entered

27. We went to the movie last night and I thought…
A. the film is good
B. the film so good
C. it is a good film
D. the film was good

28. You have ….. that movie many times
A. seen
B. see
C. saw
D. seeing

29. I …. see him
A. hasn’t
B. wasn’t
C. haven’t
D. weren’t

30. Steve has …. a new book.
A. write
B. written
C. writing
D. writes

31. have you …. him before ?
A. is see
B. saw
C. seen
D. seeing

32. They … here since last week.
A. have
B. has been
C. has
D. have been

33. I have …. him for 5 years.
A. known
B. knew
C. is know
D. knowing

34. I think I have …. him once more
A. meet
B. met
C. meeting
D. meets

35. … you read the book yet
A. was
B. has
C. had
D. have

36. I………to the school alone yesterday
A. walk
B. walked
C. walks
D. walking

37. we……in this restaurant 2 days ago
A. eat
B. ate
C. eaten
D. eating

38. She … been to France.
A. has
B. have
C. was
D. were

39. John has … two foreign language.
A. study
B. studying
C. student
D. studied

40. She has … since the lost time I saw her.
A. grew
B. grow
C. grown
D. growing

41. I……this scissors to cut the grass yesterday
A. cuted
B. cutting
C. cut
D. was cutted

42. They……. this music two hours ago
A. listened
B. listen
C. listening
D. be listen

43. She……in this office 2 years ago
A. working
B. worked
C. work
D. was working

44. My English ….really improved since I moved to Australia.
A. has
B. have
C. had
D. was

45. His son ….learned how to read.
A. had
B. have
C. has
D. were

46. My brother…….a letter for me
A. write
B. wrote
C. written
D. was writing

47. They……about this project in this restaurant yesterday
A. talking
B. talks
C. talk
D. talked

48. Julio…….an active student last year
A. were
B. are
C. was
D. is

49. James has not … his yet.
A. finished
B. was finished
C. finishing
D. finish

50. Susan … mastered Japanese, but she can communicate.
A. isn’t
B. aren’t
C. hasn’t
D. haven’t

51. Mr. postman …… the mail 2 days ago
A. Deliver
B. delivery
C. delivered
D. deliveres

52. Diana…….sung this song
A. has
B. had
C. have
D. have been

53. They have…….me about this story
A. tell
B. telling
C. told
D. tells

54. she ….. T-shirt yesterday
A. buy
B. buyed
C. buying
D. bought

55. They …. that I am happy
A. says
B. say
C. said
D. saying

56. They ….. in the Restaurant
A. have been
B. have
C. has
D. has been

57. They … not do the task
A. do
B. does
C. did
D. were

58. Our English teacher …. our homework last week
A. checks
B. checked
C. check
D. checking

59. We……..cooked this delicious food special for you
A. had
B. have
C. has
D. having

60. He … a picture last night
A. draws
B. drawn
C. drawing
D. drew

61. My teacher…me about this lesson yesterday
A. teach
B. taught
C. teaching
D. teaches

62. My family……Bali last year
A. visiting
B. have been visited
C. visited
D. visits

63. Bagas : You look so unhappy, Nata. What’s the problem?
Nata : My father . . . . . his job.
A. has just lost
B. have just lost
C. losing
D. loses

64. We . . . . . out of gasoline.
A. Have just run
B. has just running
C. has just run
D. have just running

65. Fadhil . . . . . in that Company for 2 years.
A. serves
B. have served
C. serving
D. has served

66. She ……some clothes in the river yesterday
A. wash
B. washing
C. washed
D. has washed

67. Malika …….her cat before it died
A. loving
B. loves
C. loved
D. love
68. My team… together yesterday afternoon
A. played
B. plays
C. play
D. playing

69. We have . . . . . in Bandung for several years.
A. live
B. living
C. lives
D. lived

70. They . . . . . resigned their current jobs this year.
A. have
B. has
C. are
D. were

71. Julio…….an active student last year
A. were
B. was
C. are
D. is

72. How did you … your last weekend?
A. spent
B. spending
C. spend
D. spended

73. They made mistakes because they didn’t … the guidelines.
A. followed
B. follow
C. following
D. follows

74. Have you ever … the beautiful desert scenery?
A. see
B. seen
C. seeing
D. saw

75. My cousin … as a medical assistant for almost a year.
A. have worked
B. has worked
C. is working
D. has been worked

76. The children are watching TV now because they ______ their homework.
A. are doing
B. had done
C. have done
D. were doing

77. She has … in Melbourne since two years ago
A. studied
B. study
C. studying
D. students

78. Alex has … you five times
A. call
B. called
C. calling
D. calls

79. He … worked here for several years
A. have not
B. have not been
C. has not
D. has been

80. We …. her a beautiful birthday cake for her party.
A. give
B. given
C. giving
D. gave

81. … she finish her work at 9 o’clock.
A. Did
B. Does
C. Was
D. Is

82. She … happy because you were late.
A. have not
B. has not
C. was not
D. were not

83. … they bored to meet the artist.
A. was
B. were
C. is
D. are

84. My mother … at home when my father called.
A. were
B. was
C. have
D. has

85. She … a mother.
A. have not
B. has not
C. have not been
D. has not been

86. She has …. what you want.
A. known
B. knew
C. knowing
D. know

87. They …. at the airport since 10 minutes ago.
A. has arrived
B. have arriving
C. have arrived
D. has arriving

88. …… you been tired?
A. have
B. has
C. had
D. were

89. Ranaya and fanaya … my students.
A. was
B. is
C. are
D. were

90. I … a history teacher.
A. were
B. is
C. was
D. did

91. You have … my car
A. washed
B. wash
C. washing
D. washs

92. … You helped me ?
A. have
B. have been
C. has
D. has been

93. Ramon … a teacher in this school.
A. has
B. has been
C. have been
D. have

94. Have you … a pilot?
A. being
B. was
C. been
D. were

95. They……about this project in this restaurant yesterday
A. talking
B. talked
C. talks
D. talk

96. My students……hard last night
A. study
B. studying
C. was study
D. studied

97. I …. lunch with friends
A. did not eat
B. did not ate
C. do not eating
D. does not ate

98. My cat … chocolate milk two days ago
A. drunk
B. drink
C. drank
D. drinking

99. She … here yesterday
A. was
B. was not
C. were
D. were not

100. Did you … Daniel?
A. calls
B. calling
C. called
D. call

Untuk latihan dirumah, anda dapat unduh Soal Past Tense dan Present Perfect Tense Kelas X SMA ini melalui tautan berikut ini:
Demikian Latihan Soal Past Tense dan Present Perfect Tense Kelas X SMA yang telah kami bagikan kepada anda, semoga kumpulan soal ini dapat bermanfaat bagi anda.

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