Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Chapter 11 – Cut Nyak Dhien

Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Chapter 11 - Cut Nyak Dhien

Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Chapter 11 – Cut Nyak Dhien

 Jumpa lagi dalam kami websiteedukasi, kali ini kita akan melakukan pembahasan Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Chapter 11 – Cut Nyak Dhien. Seperti kita ketahui bersama bahwa Cut Nyak Dhien adalah Pahlawan Wanita yang berasal dari Aceh. Dalam chapter ini kita akan belajar seputar Cut Nyak Dhien dan juga belajar membaca, vokal, kosakata dan lain-lain.

Berikut adalah beberapa informasi singkat dari materi chapter 11 Cut Nyak Dhien.


Your teacher will tell you how to play this game. You have to guess what words that your teacher has described.
For example: ‘A person who is forced to leave his/her place.’ He/she is an ‘exile’.
After you know how to play the game, your teacher will divide the class into two groups to play the game. The group who can guess more words will be the winner.
guerrilla forces (noun)                                 perang suci (jihad)
 aristocratic (adjective)                                terkenal
 was renowned (adjective)                           bangsawan
 evacuate (verb)                                          menumpahkan air mata
 reclaim (verb)                                            evakuasi
 declare (verb)                                            menyerang
 Holy War (noun)                                        tentara perang gerilya
 surrender (verb)                                         mengkhianati
 betray (verb)                                             mati syahid
 assault (verb)                                            menyerah
 treason (noun)                                           melawan
 shed tears (verb)                                        merebut kembali
 martyred (verb)                                         pengkhianatan
 resist (verb)                                               mengumumkan


Cut Nyak Dhien was a leader of the Acehnese guerrilla forces during the
Aceh War. She was born in Lampadang in 1848. Following the death of her
husband Teuku Umar, she led guerrilla actions against the Dutch for 25 years.
She was awarded the title of Indonesian National Hero on 2 May 1964 by the
Indonesian government.
Cut Nyak Dhien was born into an Islamic aristocratic family in Aceh Besar.
Her father, Teuku Nanta Setia, was a member of the ruling Ulèë Balang aristocratic
class in VI mukim, and her mother was
also from an aristocratic family. She
was educated in religion and household
matters. She was renowned for her
beauty, and many men proposed to
marry her. Finally, she married Teuku
Cik Ibrahim Lamnga, the son of an
aristocratic family, when she was
On 26 March 1873, the Dutch
declared war on Aceh. In November
1873, during the Second Aceh
Expedition, the Dutch successfully
captured VI mukim in 1873, followed
by the Sultan’s Palace in 1874. 
In 1875, Cut Nyak Dhien and her baby, along with other mothers, were evacuated
to a safer location while her husband Ibrahim Lamnga fought to reclaim VI
mukim. Lamnga died in action on June 29, 1878. Hearing this, Cut Nyak Dhien
was enraged and swore to destroy the Dutch.
Some time later, Teuku Umar proposed to marry her. Learning that Teuku
Umar would allow her to fight, she accepted his proposal. They were married in
1880. This greatly boosted the morale of Aceh armies in their fight against Dutch.
Teuku Umar and Cut Nyak Dhien had a daughter, Cut Gambang.
The war continued, and the Acehnese declared Holy War against the Dutch,
and were engaged in guerrilla warfare. Undersupplied, Teuku Umar surrendered
to the Dutch forces on September 30, 1893 along with 250 of his men. The Dutch
army welcomed him and appointed him as a commander, giving him the title
of Teuku Umar Johan Pahlawan. However, Teuku Umar secretly planned to
betray the Dutch. Two years later Teuku Umar set out to assault Aceh, but he
instead deserted with his troops taking with them heavy equipment, weapons,
and ammunition, using these supplies to help the Acehnese. This is recorded in
Dutch history as “Het verraad van Teukoe Oemar” (the treason of Teuku Umar).
The Dutch general Johannes Benedictus van Heutsz sent a spy to Aceh. Teuku
Umar was killed during a battle when the Dutch launched a surprise attack on
him in Meulaboh. When Cut Gambang cried over his death, Cut Nyak Dhien
slapped her and then she hugged her and said: “As Acehnese women, we may not
shed tears for those who have been martyred.”
After her husband died, Cut Nyak Dhien continued to resist the Dutch with
her small army until its destruction in 1901, as the Dutch adapted their tactics to
the situation in Aceh. Furthermore, Cut Nyak Dhien suffered from nearsightedness
and arthritis as she got older. The number of her troops was also decreasing and
they suffered from lack of supplies.
One of her troops, Pang Laot, told the Dutch the location of her headquarters
in Beutong Le Sageu. The Dutch attacked, catching Dhien and her troops by
surprise. Despite desperately fighting back, Dhien was captured. Her daughter,
Cut Gambang, escaped and continued the resistance. Dhien was brought to Banda
Aceh and her myopia and arthritis slowly healed, but in the end she was exiled
to Sumedang, West Java because the Dutch were afraid she would mobilize the
resistance of Aceh people. She died on 6 November 1908.
Task 1: Form Completion
Fill in the blanks with information about Cut Nyak Dhien mentioned
in the reading text.
Short Bio
Name : Cut Nyak Dhien
Place of birth : _____________________________________
Date of birth : _____________________________________
Place of death : _____________________________________
Date of death : _____________________________________
Parents and Origins : _____________________________________
Names of husband : _____________________________________
Name of daughter : _____________________________________
Important Dates on War : _____________________________________
                                   : _____________________________________
                                   : _____________________________________
                                   : _____________________________________
Task 2: Comprehension Questions
Answer the following questions by referring to the reading text about Cut Nyak Dhien!
1. When was Cut Nyak Dhien awarded the title of Indonesian National Hero?
2. Tell your classmates about Cut Nyak Dhien’s parents!
3. What education did she receive when she was young?
4. Who was Teuku Cik Ibrahim Lamnga?
5. When did the Aceh war start?
6. What happened in Aceh in 1874?
7. Why did Cut Nyak Dhien swear to destroy the Dutch?
8. What was the effect of Cut Nyak Dhien’s marriage to Teuku Umar on the Aceh armies?
9. Why did Teuku Umar surrender to the Dutch in 1893?
10. How was Teuku Umar killed? 
11. According to the text, how should an Acehnese woman respond to the death of her family member in a war?
12. What did Cut Nyak Dhien suffer from when she was old?
13. What was done by Cut Gambang after Cut Nyak Dhien was captured?
14. When Cut Nyak Dhien was brought to Banda Aceh, was her nearsightedness getting better?
15. Why did the Dutch put her into exile in Sumedang?
16. Had you lived close to Cut Nyak Dhien, what would you have done to support her efforts in fighting against the Dutch colonialization? 


Complete the following sentences using the words in the box. If
needed, you may change the parts of speech.
guerrilla army                    aristocratic                     renown
evacuate                            reclaim                           declare
holy war                           surrender                         betray
assault                              treason                             tears
resist                                exile                                 martyr 
1. A man who was arrested in Belarus on May 31 is being charged with
____________________, but the government officials have not
explained the charges. 
2. Bali is _________________ for its beauty. It is called the Goddess
3. The __________________ would avoid any confrontation with large
units of enemy troops, but seek and eliminate small groups of soldiers
to minimize losses. 
4. In the past, the ______________________ class ruled the society.
Their words were listened, followed and applied by people. 
5. During the earthquake, the troops are busy helping people to move.
They _______________ women, old people and children to the
prepared shelter. 
6. When people go to ___________________, their intention is not to
get wealth or worldly materials. They do it for the sake of God. 
7. The hijackers finally _________________ to the police but they
make three demands for the government to fulfill. 
8. One may not _____________ his/her own country. If s/he does that,
s/he should get a harsh punishment. 
9. After a long investigation, he ________________ that she was
10. The man got four year’s imprisonment for _____________ a police
officer. The punishment was given to make him feel a deep regret for
having done such a cruel behavior. 
11. Upon returning back from a long journey to Europe, she
________________ her ownership of the pretty house next to the
12. He died as a _________________ in the war against Dutch
13. “No more _______________.” she said to herself after realizing that
the man she loved and she expected to come back was a bandit. 
14. He can’t _______________ the temptation to pickpocket every time
she is in the mall.
15. As an _____________, she cannot return back to her own
Demikian pembahasan singkat dari Materi Bahasa Inggris Kelas 10 Chapter 11 – Cut Nyak Dhien, semoga dapat membantu anda untuk memahami bahasa inggris.

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