Soal PG bahasa inggris kelas X Semester 1

Soal PG bahasa inggris kelas X Semester 1

Soal PG bahasa inggris kelas X Semester 1

 Contoh soal bahasa inggris kelas 10 kurikulum 2013 semester 1 ini merupakan soal pilihan ganda terdiri dari 45 butir soal, mengambil materi pronouns, expressions of giving compliment, expresson of congratulations.

Soal ini merupakan contoh tetapi dapat anda pelajari sebagai persiapan menghadapi UH, PTS, PAS dan Ujian Nasional. Dan juga soal ini telah sesuai dengan Kurikulum 2013.

Berikut ini adalah Soal PG bahasa inggris kelas 10 kurikulum 2013 Semester 1

Chose the best answer by crossing (x) a,b, c, d, or e!
My sister… (1) to cook.  … (2) always has brilliant ideas for my lunch every day. … (3) cooks oxtail soup for today. I invite my freinds to our house to taste this soup. … (4) love it so much and tell … (5) sister to open a restaurant because they think many people will like this soup and she will make much money from …(6).
1. a. Lover
b. love
c. loving
d. loves
e. loven
Jawaban: d
Pembahasan: Kata kerja untuk subjek orang ketuga tunggal ditambah s/es
2. a. He
b. She
c. They
d. I
e. We
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan:  menggantikan “my sister” di kalimat sebelumnya
3. a. We
b. Them
c. Us
d. She
e. It
Jawaban: d
Pembahasan:  menggantikan “my sister” di kalimat sebelumnya
4. a. He
b. She
c. Them
d. They
e. It
Jawaban: d
Pembahasan:  menggantikan “my freinds” di kalimat sebelumnya
5. a. his
b. their
c. hers
d. my
e. mine
Jawaban: d
Pembahasan: untuk menunjukkan bahwa yang memasak adalah kakak dari penulis
6. a. it
b. its
c. them
d. it’s
e. her
Jawaban: a
Pembahasan:untuk menggantikan “oxtail soup” dalam pembahasan
This dialogi is for questions no 7-9
Lisa : “Hello, Sally, Have you read the announcement?”
Sally: “About what?”
Lisa : “I have jus told by Eric via SMS that you had passed the National Examination.
Sally : “Oh, really?”
Lisa : “Yes, you may read the SMS yourself, here you are.”
Sally : “Wow, thank you so much for telling me.”
Lisa : “Don’t mention it. I …. (7)”
Sally : “ … (8) for saying so.”
Lisa : “…(9). So, where will you continue your study?”
Sally : “I still have no idea yet.”
7. a. congratulate on your graduation
b. congratulate on your achievement
c. am sorry to hear that
d. am so proud of you
e. like it
Jawaban: d
Pembahasan: sebagai ekspresi bahwa Lisa bangga terhadap Sally.
8. a. Don’t
b. Thank you very much
c. I’m happy
d. I’m really happy
e. I’m very proud
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan:mengucapkan terima kasih atas pujian dari Lisa
9. a. Okay
b. You’re welcome
c. Of Course
d. Yes, I do
e. Good Luck
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan: tanggapan ucapan terima kasih yang diucapakn oleh Sally
10. is – fragrance – jasmine – the – hers – white
What is the correct arragement of the wrods above?
a. The white jasmine fragrance i shers.
b. White jasmine fragrance is the hers.
c. The fragrance white jasmine is hers
d. The hers is white jasmine fragrance
e. The fragrance is white jasmine hers
Jawaban: a
Pembahasan:kata sifat digunakan sebelum penggunaan kata benda dalam kalimat. Maka, the white jasmine fragrance is hers adalah kalimat yang urutannya benar.
This text is for questions no. 21 – 25
April 24, 2016
Mr. And Mrs. Smith
10/4 Epping Road
North Ryde 2113
NSW Australia
Dear Mom and Dad,
I am writing to share my enjoyable experience with you. I hope this letter will find you all well. Yesterday, my friends and i went to visit five tourism objects in Jojakarta and its surrrounding, e.g. the Sultan Palace, Tamansari Water Castle, Monumen Yogja Kembali, Prambanan Temple, and Borobudur Temple. We hired a mini bus. Budi, my friend in Yogyakarta, acted as a tour guide. We departed very early in the morning and were back home at 6:15 p.m. So, we spent the whole day.
All of the five objects are interesting but Borobudur and Prambanan temples are more interesting than the others. Borobudur is a Buddhist temple, while Prambanan is a Hindu one. A freind of mine said that these two temples were really wonderful. After I saw them by myself, they are even more wonderful than what imagined. Of these two temples, Borobudur is the most wonderful temple I have ever seen. It is much bigger than Prambanan. I am sure you will admire it too. Make sure you take your camera with you when you visit it next year.
Well, I will write letter to you again next week to tell you more about the temples.
21. What did John tell to Mr./Mrs. Smith in his letter?
a. His feeling during her stay in Jogjakarta
b. His visit to tourism objects in Jogjakarta
c. His impression of Borobudur temple
d. His experience in writing the letter
e. His appreciation for her parents
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan: surat tersebut menceritakan pengalaman John saat mengunjungi Jogjakarta
22. John is Mr./Mrs  Smith’s….
a. niece
b. nephew
c. cousin
d. daughter
e. son
Jawaban:  e
Pembahasan: John adalah anak laki-laki Mr./Mrs. Smith
23. Further information about Borobudur and Prambanan temples can be found in….
a. paragraph 2
b. paragraph 3
c. John’s recent letter
d. John’s next letter
e. first paragrah
Jawaban: a
Pembahasan:  paragraf 2 menceritakan tentang kedua candi tersebut.
24. Why did John go to Jogjakarta?
a. Because he wanted to visit his grandmother
b. Because he wanted to visit five tourism objects.
c. Because he wanted to visit her uncle
d. Because he wanted to visit Prambanan temple
e. Because he wanted to visit his hometown
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan: karena ingin pergi ke tempat wisata
25. When did John and his freinds arrive at home?
a. Early in the morning
b. At midday
c. In the evening
d. At midnight
e. The following day
Jawaban: c
Pembahasan: dalam teks disebutkan ‘back home at 6.15 pm’. Maka, jawaban yang tepat adalah ‘in the evening’.
This text is for questions no. 26-30
Bali Bird Park is a large walk-in-aviary which consists of more than 1.000 birds. Located in Singapadu, Bali, this park was opened in September 1995. Before 1995, the site of Bird Park in Singapadu was just an expanse of terraced rice fields. This extraordinary transformation was don by Edi Swoboda. A dedicated naturlist since childhood, Edi Swoboda, has lived in Bali for many years. He had long dreamed of creating a bird park. He personally designed every detail of the gardens and aviaries. To enrich the park, Edi Swoboda placed orignal artifacts from different places in Indonesia (many incorporating bird themes). These artifacts, undoubtedly, draw visitor’s attention, and giving nuances of nature to them.
Source: Taken from Contact Magazine
26. How many birds are there in Bali Bird Park?
a. 1.000 birds
b. 100 birds
c. 1.001 birds
d. 10.000 birds
e. more than 1.000 birds
Jawaban: e
Pembahasan: dalam teks disebutkan ‘more than 1000 birds’.
27. Where is the location of Bali Bird Park?
a. Legian
b. Kuta
c. Singapadu
d. Denpasar
e. Karangasem
Jawaban: c
Pembahasan: dalam teks disebutkan ‘located in Singapadu, Bali’.
28. When was Bali Bird Park Opened?
a. Before September 1995
b. In September 1995
c. In September 2001
d. Before September 2001
e. After September 1995
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan: dalam teks disebutkan ‘in September 1995’.
29. Who designed every detail of the gardens and aviaries?
a. A naturalist
b. A botanical expert
c. A visitor
d. A Balinese
e. A gardener
Jawaban: a
Pembahasan: dalam teks disebutkan ‘a naturalist’.
30. Where did Edi Swoboda get the artifacts to enrich the park?
a. From different places in the world
b. From regencies in Bali
c. From different parts of the world
d. From various sources
e. From different places in Indonesia
Jawaban: e
Pembahasan: dalam teks disebutkan ‘from different places in Indonesia’.
This text is for questions no. 31 – 35
Tanjung Benoa Beach
Tanjung Benoa is a beach town. It is located at the elite are in Nusa Dua Bali. The are is situated with the view of the sea in Blai. On the north side, there are Benoa harbour, Mertasari Recreation Park, and Serangan Island. The foreigners call it the turtle island, because it is used to breed the turtles.
At Tanjung Benoa Beach, tourists can have various activities, such as swimming, sailing, waterskiing, and surfing. Surfing is a water sport of riding waves that are coming towards the shore by standing or lying on a special board called surfboard. It is a very enjoyable and an impressive sport. Most surfing lovers call it the most challenging water sport, as it needs skill, strength, as well as bravery. The others think that it is a very dangerous sport, as it fights against the dangerous waves of sea.
A part from swimming around the beach, snorkeling and diving are also kinds of water sports favored by the tourists. Through diving goggles, the beauty of Bali marine park can be viewed. Those who cannot dive can also enjoy the beauty of the marine park throught the glass bottomed motor boats that are specially provide for the tourists.
31. Which of the following statements is not true about the text?
a. Tanjung Benoa is a beach town located in Nusa Dua Bali
b. Tanjung Benoa is a very famous beach in Nusa Dua Bali
c. Tourists can enjoy many kinds of water sports in Tanjung Benoa
d. Tourists who cannot dive can also enjoy the beauty of the marine park
e. Tourists can visit the turtle island which is used to breed the turtles
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan: dalam teks disebutkan bahwa Tanjung Benoa adalah sebuah kota, bukan pantai
32. What can be viewed through the diving goggles?
a. The beauty of the marine park
b. The beauty of the Mertasari Harbour
c. The view of Tanjung Benoa
d. The view of the big waves
e. The turtle island
Jawaban: a
Pembahasan: dalam teks disebutkan ‘the beauty of the marine park can be viewed’.
33. What does paragraph three discuss?
It is about….
a. The water sports of Tanjung Benoa Beach town
b. snorkeling and diving are alternative tourism activities in Tanjung Benoa
c. surfing becomes the most favorite water sport in Tanjung Benoa
d. tourist can go swimming, diving, surfing, and so on in Tanjung Benoa Beach
e. the turtle island which is used to breed the turtles
Jawaban: b
Pembahasan: dalam teks disebutkan menyelam juga salah satu aktivitas yang disukai turis selain berenang
34. Why is Serangan Island called turlte island?
It is called turtle island because….
a. it is used to trade many kinds of turtle
b. it is a place where thousand turtles live naturally
c. it is used to breed turtles
d. it is used to breed and to trade turtles
e. it is used to hunt turtles
Jawaban: c
Pembahasan: dalam teks disebutkan bahwa pulau tersebut digunakan untuk mengembangbiakan kura-kura.
35. “Those who cannot…” (Paragrah three)
The word “those” refers to….
a. The tourists
b. water sport
c. turtles
d. swimming and diving
e. islands
Jawaban: a
Pembahasan: menggantikan kata ‘the tourist’ dalam kalimat sebelumnya.
36. Alya : “ … you come to Helen’s party yesterday?”
    Novi : “No. I didn’t. I …to help my brother.”
a. Did – have
b. Did – had
c. Did – has
d. Do – have
e. Do – had
Answer: b
Pembahasan: kata kerja yang menunjukkan aktivitas yang sudah terjadi
37. Simon went to Australia. He …some gifts for his friends there.
a. bright
b. bring
c. brought
d. brougth
e.  bringed
Answer: c
Pembahasan: past tense dari ‘bring’
38. Dina :” Have you ever been to the zoo?”
    Andy:”Yes, I …to the zoo.”
a. be
b. being
c. has been
d. have been
e. has be
Answer: d
Pembahasan: subjek orang pertama tunggal (I) memakai have + been karena merupakan kalimat nominal
39. Sera :”Have you … Erin today?”
a. show
b. shown
c. see
d. seen
e. have seen
Answer: d
Pembahasan: bentuk pertanyaan pada Present Perfect Tense
40. Julie   : ”Do you know David?”
    Maria : “Yes, I do. We …each other for almost five years.”
a. has known
b. have known
c. has knew
d. has knew
e. knows
Answer: b
Pembahasan: bentuk jawaban dari Present Prefect Tense yang menyatakan terjadi sejak dulu hingga sekarang
This text is for questions no. 41-45
 Last year, I … (41) to Sydney on holiday. It … (42) fantastic. I … (43) so many interesting places. I was with two friends of mine. In the mornings, we … (44) in the streets of Sydney. Where … (45) you spend your holiday?
41. a. goes
    b. gone
    c. go
    d. went
    e. has go
Answer: d
Pembahasan: Past Tense dari ‘go’
42. a. be
    b. is
    c. was
    d. been
    e. have been
Answer: c
Pembahasan: Past Tense dari ‘is’
43. a. visit
    b. visiting
    c. visit
    d. visited
    e. has visit
Answer: d
Pembahasan: Past Tense dari ‘visit’
44. a. walked
    b. walks
    c. walk
    d. walking
    e. has walked
Answer: a
Pembahasan: Past Tense dari ‘walk’
45. a. does
      b. did
      c. do
      d. done
      e. has done 
  Answer: b
Pembahasan: Past Tense dari ‘do’
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